Chanel Shavers, Client Testimonials

Chanel was awesome during our experience with her as 1st time home buyers. We looked at house after house, day after day together in order to find the perfect one...and after countless hours driving around town, emails and phone calls and offers we finally did! Chanel never gave up hope for us, even as we ourselves began to. She is a true professional, personable, and in her clients corner guiding every step of the way. We will have her represent us again one day in the future, no doubt :)
-- The Jones Family
I asked Chanel to sell my house. Within two weeks, she had an interested buyer. Within four weeks I had to ask her to find me a new house to buy. Within eight weeks, I was cussing myself for having to much stuff to move. If your ready for a whirl-wind ride of your life,Chanel is the Realtor you should call! Can't even begin to thank you enough Chanel. You made realizing my dreams a reality. And now that I'm safe and comfortable in my new house, (which I love) the wild and crazy roller-coaster ride was WAY more fun, and BETTER than the Koomba ride at Busch Gardens in Florida.
-- Garry Westman, Aloha
The QUICKEST sale of our home!! 45 days from Up to close! Chanel was an excellent coach during the selling process! When we interviewed several different agents (Yes, we actually interviewed 6 of them!) they all had different experience levels and personalities. We chose Chanel based on her open and honest approach to getting our house sold. She came through by providing a list of things to do on a daily basis, motivated our girls to keep their room clean and beds made, and we were able to generate an offer on our house within 3 weeks of up on the market!!! This was during the month of February when home sales were sooo slow and my wife and I were worried about the timing. Chanelmade this all work and we recommend her to any of our friends lookng to buy or sell a home!
-- Dave & Brigette, Tigard
My wife and I just bought our first home, it was not an easy process since we also were moving back to Oregon from Texas, during the home buying process. Chanel went above and beyond to accommodate our geographical predicament. When we were in town to see homes, Chanel cleared her schedule, and worked with us from open to close for days straight until we found the right house. Not only did Chanel take into consideration our unique and trying circumstances, but she also went out of her way to do tons of prep before we came to town, so we could be more efficient when we were in Portland. We were very comfortable with Chanel immediately, she was very quick to discern exactly what we wanted. When we did find the house we wanted, Chanel represented us and went to bat for us for every last detail. Even to the point of holding strong on some things that we really wanted, her interactions with the other parties in the transaction is the reason we got the house of our dreams. She made it clear that her goal was NOT the payout at the end of the tunnel, but it was to get us into the right house. From the MANY late night, after hours, panicked phone calls, to the fine tuning of every last detail on the contract, Chanel was always there for us, and always ready to stand up for us. I fully and completely recommend Chanel.
-- Dugan and Shayne Baker, Relocated from Texas
Happy home buyers, Dugan and Shayne Baker Dugan and Shayne after they bought their home in October 2010! Their smiles are a true testimonial!
Chanel was awesome during our experience with her as 1st time home buyers. We looked at house after house, day after day together in order to find the perfect one...and after countless hours driving around town, emails and phone calls and offers we finally did! Chanel never gave up hope for us, even as we ourselves began to. She is a true professional, personable, and in her clients corner guiding every step of the way. We will have her represent us again one day in the future, no doubt :)
-- Dave and Melissa
Chanel is an awesome Realtor! She is very perceptive and quickly picks up on your "must have" house features, then works tirelessly to find the perfect house for you. She is an excellent advocate for your home buying (or selling) journey.
-- Dave Walker and Joleen Funk, Hillsboro
My husband and I had been working with a real estate agent whowas not showing us the homes we were interested in, so one Saturday we decided to stop in an open house where we met Chanel. She was knowledgeable about the neighborhood and had a grasp on where the market was. When I first spoke with her about our likes and dislikes, wants and needs, she grasped them immediately and sent us homes that were exactly what we were looking for. She managed to accomplish more in three days than our previous real estate agent had accomplished in a month. She took us out three times before we found the house of our dreams, which is very quick, and it was below what we were thinking of spending. She spoke to us about the market trends and had graphs to back them up so that we could feel confident in our choice of neighborhood and price range. She was efficient had list of referrals for mortgage, inspection etc. This was the most wonderful experience with a real estate agent who actually listened, understood our needs and searched diligently so that we would be happy with our purchase. I would refer her to anyone who is looking for a home. Finding a good real estate agent is difficult when there are so many to choose from and I seldom refer anyone, but I would highly recommend Chanel.
-- Brian and Sara Gunning, North Portland
I have never had it so easy.... Well at least when it comes to finding a forever HOME.Chanel is the most informative and up to speed Real Estate professional. She is constantly keeping me in the loop, whether it is new houses to see, incentives for buyers or just a note sometimes saying "Hey I am still looking for your perfect House". Chanel is outstanding! I love her no nonsense approach and have recommended her to my friends. My friends appreciate her level of professionalism and ability to find fantastic Homes. Want a new Home?... call her she is the one that can make it happen.
-- Rob and Selena Roloson
Chanel spent months, showing us home after home, day after day, until we found the perfect fit and she did it all with a smile. Her dedication to finding us that perfect home even included a showing during a snow storm.
-- Keri and James, North Portland
I was recommended to Chanel by a friend of mine whom had nothing but great things to say about her. Upon meeting Chanel I was immediately drawn not only to her keen business sense but also to her sweet and fun personality. Chanel never made me feel pressured to lean towards one house or another and was more than willing to show me however many houses I needed to see before I finally found that perfect one. She was honest about the condition and potential of houses we looked at. Chanel was able to work with both myself and the seller when needed to meet the best of both of our needs. When called upon to work quickly Chanel was on top of it and made the process as painless for me as possible.
-- Celia Moret-Ferguson, North Portland
You were trully one of the best real estate people I had the pleasure to work with. You made my house hunt faster and more productive because you were able to tell right away the kind of places I was looking for. You are a very dedicated person who work hard and enjoy her work. You offered me your expert opinions when needed and walked me through the buying process when I was miles away. Appreciated your reliability and continuous follow up til closing day. I mentioned you to a lot of friends here on the island and on the mainland and recommended you as a realtor when they make the move to your area.
-- Nada Salam, Relocating from Hawaii
Before I met Chanel I was terrified about the process of buying my first house; however, the first time we met I felt at ease and knew I could fully trust her. Once I started working with Chanel, the prospect of buying a home quickly went from scary to fun and exciting.
-- Sarah Seeborg, Beaverton
Chanel is a person you can count on. When the chips are down and you need someone to help you, she is one of the first phone calls I would make. She is more than willing to do whatever it takes to make your buying experience a positive one. She also possesses the fortitude to be honest with you if the purchase you are looking at is not right for you and your families needs. Trust Chanel, I do.
-- Thomas Beck, CEO, Canby
Chanel Shavers and I have worked together for close to a year. She has been the Real Estate agent on a number of loans I have closed. The first time we worked together I was very impressed with her customer service. Any thing I need to move the transaction along or her clients need she handles immediately.. She puts her clients first. Purchasing or Selling a home is a huge transaction, and she strives on making it stress free for her clients. I have worked with many realtors in my 20 years of experience and she is one of the best. I would not hesitate to give her a referral at anytime. If I had to rate her from 1-10. 10 would be an easy choice.
-- Dawn Frasca, NW Mortgage Group
We live out-of-state and have been looking for a house this past year. When we made our first phone call to the real estate, we were so fortunate to have been given Chanel's name. We findChanel the most patient and caring realtor, more like a friend. What we would really like to say is we love her personality and think she is adorable! We can tell you without reservation that she has integrity, strong character and honesty. She is very helpful, dedicated, committed and always goes the extra mile. She always answers any questions we may have and we leave each house knowing that Chanel has given her best. What she may not know about the house, she will always have an answer for us within a day. We would certainly recommend Chanel to all our friends and family. A big "10" for Chanel! Hopefully we will find our dream house very soon.
-- The Schwan Family, California to Forest Grove
I hired Chanel as a real estate agent to both sell my condo and purchase my house. She was prompt, professional and good spirited throughout all the hoops we had to jump through!
-- Ron, Anne, and Max Lenzi
Chanel makes the entwined process of house buying EASY. I have recommended her services to my co-workers, friends, and family (including my own mother). She has great energy and knows the business from the inside out. Whether you're buying or selling, she is so effective for her clients, her work is enviable!!
-- Vanessa, OR
Supportive, energetic, honest, trustworthy and personable - these are just a few or the many qualities that Chanel brought to our home buying relationship. She was there through every tough decision, every easy one and when our financings side of things was going no where fast she was there to vent to. We consider her a dear friend who we will always cherish! Thanks for putting up with us and being so wonderful!!
-- Mark and Ronda Wagner, OR (First Time Homebuyers)
Buying our house from Chanel was such a wonderful experience! From the beginning, Chanelput us at ease. She was energetic, encouraging and never pushy. She was always available to answer questions and offer advice when asked. Chanel really listened to what we wanted and made every effort to find us the perfect house. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional and trustworthy real estate agent!
-- The Ericksons, OR
Chanel was the perfect agent for me! I am a single mom with a demanding career, which doesn't leave me a lot of time to shop for a home. Chanel took the time to understand exactly what I wanted and pre-screened all prospective homes for me. This made the time I spent looking at homes as productive as it could be! Chanel was patient, always available, completely flexible, and fun to work with. After a long search, I found the perfect house! Thank you, Chanel!
-- Mary and Jasmine Martinis, First Time Homebuyer in Portland
Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend. Will and I really appreciate the time and effort that went into Saturday. It's nice to work with someone who is passionate about the area.
-- Susan and Will, PA
You continue to do an outstanding job! As a broker, the highest praise I can give you is that I would hire you!
-- Diwa and Colleen, WI
Chanel is great! She really went the extra mile to help me find exactly what I wanted. I would recommend her to any other first time homebuyers or veterans of the business. Thanks, Chanel!
-- Christine B., OR
And again, my thanks for not only showing, but being the type of agent who will actually hike properties with buyers to see exactly what they are buying! You're a rare bird, girl.
-- Terri, Broker
Chanel Shavers has represented my interests, to my ever growing satisfaction, in my search for the perfect home for me and my growing family. Her attention to detail, and uncanny ability to produce real opportunity in todays market are invaluable traits I will never overlook again. I highly recommend taking advantage of her services, and will gladly reference her solid work ethic anytime or anywhere I am asked.
-- Kylan McKenzie, Mckenzie Bros. Construction
I have had great results with Chanel's expertise in selling our homes. She has a charisma that potential buyers recognize and trust, resulting in successful transactions for both buyer and seller.
-- Chris Christiansen, Vista NW, LLC
Chanel is not only an extremely easy and cordial person with whom to work, she is a consummate and knowledgeable real estate professional. I highly recommend Chanel!
-- Kathy Ragsdale, OR
Chanel is an excellent real estate agent who works tirelessly to help her clients find the perfect property for their needs.
-- Carolyn Gretton and Tom Krattenmaker, Pearl District